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Zeblaze GTR

Stay Active, Stay Young
Metal Body
All-round Health and Fitness Tracking
30 Days of Battery Life
Water Resistant 30 meters
Zeblaze GTR Smartwatch

It All Fits Together

Music Control
Blood Pressure
Heart Rate
Ultra-low Power Consumption Chip
Metal Body
2.5D Glass
Female Health
Sleep Tracking
& Stages
10 Goal-Based Exercises
Water Resistant
30 meters
1.3" Large Color Screen
30 Days Battery Life
Alarm Clock
A Touchable Exquisite Design
Metal Body
Zeblaze GTR's enclosure is made of refined Metal Body, offering high strength to weight ratio and less susceptibility to nicks and scratches from everyday activities.
Zeblaze GTR Metal Body
Ultra-Low Power Chip
Get more from your performance 24/7. The all-new Goodix GR5515 chipset powers it. Zeblaze GTR processes data faster, using less energy for the same results.
Zeblaze GTR Goodix GR5515 chipset
Data is More Reliable

Precision Sensor Fusion Technology

The new generation of optical heart rate measurement technology has higher accuracy and reliability. The principle of this is the LED of the optical heart rate sensor on the back of the watch irradiates light on the wrist and monitors the heart rate change through scattering light by the different speed of blood flow.
Zeblaze GTR Precision Sensor
2 LED Sensor
3-Axis Accelerometer
Enjoy a Bigger and Clearer View

Gorgeous 2.5D IPS Screen with 175° Curved Surface

Zeblaze GTR uses a top-class high-resolution screen, bringing a remarkable clearness in detail. The intricate 2.5D glass cover is pleasing to the eyes and smooth to touch.
Full-Round Color Display
2.5D Glass
Touch Screen
Zeblaze GTR 2.5D IPS Screen
A Breakthrough in Battery Performance

30 Days of Battery Life

When fully charged, you can relax and enjoy more than a full week of travel or work without worrying about chargers. Enjoy up to nine days of activity and progress with one less charger in your bag.
30 Days of Battery Life
Power-saving Scenario
18 Days of Battery Life
Typical Usage Scenario
About 1.5 hours
Charging Time
*Battery life may vary according to usage, settings, operating conditions, and other factors so that the actual results may differ from the laboratory data.
Zeblaze GTR Battery Life
Meet Daily Waterproof Needs

30 Meters Water Resistant

Zeblaze GTR is based on 30 meters waterproof rating standards, which can effectively prevent sweat or raindrops from splashing, meeting daily waterproof needs, making you more at ease.

*After the watch is wet, please wipe the water stains before an operation, which can prolong the watch's service life.
Zeblaze GTR 30 meters Waterproof

Make Your Daily Work
and Life Much Easier

Zeblaze GTR Watchfaces
10 Goal-Based Exercises

Ultimate Workout & Health Guru

Stay motivated on the way to crushing your goals. Zeblaze GTR fitness modes have voiceover guidance for real-time actionable advice. In the evening, take a break and spend a minute relaxing your mind via the breathing app for a better night's sleep.
Zeblaze GTR 10 Goal-Based Exercises
New Generation Optical Heart Rate

Monitor Your Heart Rate 24/7

The cutting-edge heart rate monitor uses optimized optical path and monitoring algorithms to obtain high-precision readings, providing continual supervision with timely alerts of high or abnormal results.
All-day Heart Rate Monitoring
Abnormal Heart Rate Alert
Zeblaze GTR Heart Rate 24/7 Monitor
Blood Pressure Monitoring

Your Personal Health Guardian

Blood pressure is a significant indicator of human health. That's why our fully-upgraded Zeblaze GTR introduces a Blood pressure measurement function. When you engage in sustained mental labor, run a marathon, or do intense outdoor exercise, you can test your Blood pressure level when you start feeling unwell. Get a better understanding of your physical condition and keeping your health under control.
Zeblaze GTR Blood Pressure Monitoring
Female Cycle Tracker

Receive Alert and Plan Ahead

The all-new Female Cycle Tracker lets you follow your cycle, log periods, record details, and analyze trends at a glance with the H Band App. The period-tracking calendar also allows you to see your upcoming estimated fertile window and compare all your stats in one place, giving you a better overview of your health.

*This feature will not be shown to men.
Zeblaze GTR Female Cycle Tracker
Incoming Call Notification

One-click Reject / Mute

Synchronize incoming calls with your mobile phone. You can view the incoming call just by raising your hand and reject or mute the phone directly.
Zeblaze GTR Incoming Call Notification
Sleep Quality Monitoring

Analyze Sleep Stages

A good night's sleep is a top priority in the modern world. Therefore, the Zeblaze GTR supports in-depth sleep monitoring, which can more accurately determine the sleep stage (the light sleep, deep sleep), monitor the sleep breathing condition, and provide quality analysis and suggestions for improvement a night of sleep.
Zeblaze GTR Sleep Quality Monitoring
Smart Notifications

No Reminders Will Be Missed

The Zeblaze GTR has abundant practical applications and reminding functions, which facilitates your daily work and life.
Kevin: Please reply to this event.
Lucy: Let's go to the movies!
Zeblaze GTR Smart Notifications
Alarms, Events, Timers, and More

More Useful Smart Features

The Zeblaze GTR can proficiently handle your agendas, notify you of incoming calls or messages, and provide movement reminders when you have been sitting for too long. The watch will also track your events, and offers Do Not Disturb, stopwatch, and weather forecast functions, as well as enabling the setting of alarms and timers.
Zeblaze GTR Alarms, Events, Timers
Compatible with the H Band APP

Optimized Health Data Management

The Zeblaze GTR is connected to the newly upgraded H Band app, which conducts a comprehensive analysis of multiple data sources to provide 24/7 management of body data, helping the user check their physical condition at any time. Some main functions include health- and exercise-data display and analysis, along with smart device management.
Zeblaze GTR H Band APP
Compatibility: iOS 9.0 or above and Android 4.4 or above.
A Personal Touch

3 Color for Your Option

Inspired by nature, the designers of the Zeblaze GTR borrow elements from the midnight, tropicalforest and desert motifs.
Zeblaze GTR BlackZeblaze GTR SilverZeblaze GTR Gold
Zeblaze GTR Black, Silver, GoldZeblaze GTR 1.3" Large Color ScreenZeblaze GTR Smartwatch on handZeblaze GTR Photo on hand
Zeblaze GTR Black
Zeblaze GTR Black strap
Zeblaze GTR Gold
Zeblaze GTR Sensor
Zeblaze GTR Gold strap
Zeblaze GTR Silver
Zeblaze GTR Silver strap


Model Name
Zeblaze GTR
Black, Silver, Gold
Bluetooth Version
Bluetooth 5.1
Compatible OS
Android 4.4 or iOS 9.0 and above
Operating Mode
Full Touch
APP Name
H Band
Technical Parameters
Heart-rate Sensor, Proximity Sensor, Accelerometer
Display: 2.5D Glass + 1.3"
Resolution: 240*240 pixels
Type: IPS Color Touch Screen
Battery Capacity: 180 mAh
Charging Time: 1.5 hours
Battery Life
30 days of battery life (Power-saving scenario)
18 days of battery life (Typical usage scenario)
Working temperature
-20°С +45°С
Special Features
24/7 Heart Rate Monitoring
Blood Pressure Monitoring
Water Resistant
30 meters
Fitness Tracker
Sleep Tracker
Call or Message Reminder
Reject the phone call
Alarm Clock
Female Cycle Tracker
Multi-sport Modes
10 Goal-Based Exercises
Alert Type
Appearance & Details
Main body size
45*45*11.6 mm
51 g
Watch Strap
20 mm
Strap Type
Silicone and skin-friendly TPU
Packages contents
Packages contents
1 x Zeblaze GTR Smartwatch
1 x User Manual
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