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Zeblaze GTS Pro

Power Your Youth
9.5mm Ultra-thin Metal Body
1.65" HD Large Screen
SpO2 Level Measurement
24/7 Heart Rate Monitoring
24 Goal-Based Exercises
15 Days Battery Life
Zeblaze GTS Pro Smartwatch

Where Style Meets Health

9.5mm Ultra-thin Metal Body
SpO2 Level Measurement
24 Goal-Based Exercises
1.65" HD Large Color Screen 240*295px
15 Days
Battery Life
24/7 Heart Rate

Metal Body, Super-light and Thin

Zeblaze GTS Pro's enclosure is made of a refined Metal Body, featuring carefully curved 2.5D glass to enhance your most fashionable outfits. With a light 45g weight, a thickness of 9.5 mm, and a skin-friendly silicone strap, the Zeblaze GTS Pro allows you to enjoy the lightness of time.
Metal Body
9.5 mm Thin Design
45 g Lightweight
Zeblaze GTS Pro Metal Body

Enhanced Color and Clarity

The Zeblaze GTS Pro features a 1.65-inch HD screen, bringing a remarkable clearness in details. The intricate 2.5D glass cover is pleasing to the eyes and smooth to touch. Meaning your display willbe exciting, vibrant, and practical whenever you check the time.
1.65" Large Color Screen
240x295px Touch Screen
2.5D Glass Curvature
Zeblaze GTS Pro 1.65-inch HD screen

Precision Sensor Fusion Technology

The new generation of optical heart rate measurement technology has higher accuracy and reliability.This principle is the LED of the optical heart rate sensor on the back of the watch irradiates light on the wrist and monitors the heart rate change through scattering light by the different speeds of blood flow.
3 LED Sensor
3-Axis Accelerometer
Zeblaze GTS Pro Precision Sensor

Personalized Watch Faces

Wear Your Beauty on Your Wrist
As a trendy smartwatch, the Zeblaze GTS Pro can be personalized to reflect every user's unique character. You can make sure you're always in-style and able to see the interface you like. Or, to make the watch face truly yours, upload your photos to the background and focus on what you care about with the custom modular dial.
Zeblaze GTS Pro Watch Face DarkZeblaze GTS Pro Watch Face Night
Zeblaze GTS Pro Watch Face BrightZeblaze GTS Pro Watch Face Stars
Zeblaze GTS Pro Watch Face MoonZeblaze GTS Pro Watch Face Summer
Zeblaze GTS Pro Watch Face RocketZeblaze GTS Pro Watch Face Sport
Zeblaze GTS Pro Watch Face Sport 2Zeblaze GTS Pro Watch Face Old
Zeblaze GTS Pro SpO2 Level Measurement
SpO2 Level Measurement
Your Personal Health Guardian
When you engage in sustained mental labor or do intense physical outdoor exercise such as marathons, you can test your SpO2 level when you start feeling unwell. It gives a better understanding of your physical condition and keeps your health under control.
24/7 Heart Rate Monitoring
Warnings to Protect You
The 24-hour high-precision heart rate monitoring function of the Zeblaze GTS Pro supports industry-leading in-depth tracking of heart health. Warnings for abnormally elevated heart rate are also provided, reducing the probability of accidents and helping to protect your life.
Zeblaze GTS Pro 24/7 Heart Rate Monitoring
Zeblaze GTS Pro Blood Pressure Monitoring
Blood Pressure Monitoring
Calm Yourself When Feeling Overwhelmed
Blood Pressure is an underlying cause of many health problems; you can use the watch to check where your stress level lies - from relaxed, normal, medium, or high - anytime you feel pressured throughout the day. So you know when to relax and reduce it.
Sleep Quality Monitoring
Analyze Sleep Stages
A good night's sleep is a top priority in the modern world. Therefore, the Zeblaze GTS Pro supports in-depth sleep monitoring, which can more accurately determine the sleep stage (the light sleep, deep sleep), monitor the sleep breathing condition, and provide quality analysis and suggestions for improvement on a night of sleep.
Zeblaze GTS Pro Sleep Quality Monitoring

20+ Goal-Based Exercises
Real-time Tracking and Analysis

The Zeblaze GTS Pro features over 20+ goal-based exercises, allowing it to cover sports enthusiasts, whether indoors or outdoors. For a complete experience, the watch can control the music on your phone, provide notifications about exercise stages, conditions, and heart rate zones, and generate a sports data report in the App after finishing your workout.
Zeblaze GTS Pro Watch on hand

15 Days Battery Life
A Breakthrough in Battery Performance

When fully charged, you can relax and enjoy more than a whole week of travel or work without worrying about chargers. Enjoy up to nine days of activity and progress with one less charger in your bag.
15 days
Basic Watch Modes
Turn off the Bluetooth connection, heart rate monitoring, and other functions, and lift the wrist to see the time 100 times a day.
7 days
Daily Use Modes
Continuously heart rate monitoring, sleep monitoring; 150 pushed notifications lighting-up the screen; lift the wrist to see the time 30 times and 5 minutes for other operations every day; exercise 3 times a week for 30 minutes.
Zeblaze GTS Pro Three watches on blue

Water Resistant to IP67

Thanks to IP67 waterproof, Zeblaze GTS Pro is resistant to sweat or rain. Just wear it to do whatever you do in your daily life.

* For a longer lifespan, if the watch gets wet, please dry it before use again.
Zeblaze GTS Pro Water Resistant to IP67

Smart Notifications
No Reminders Will Be Missed

The Zeblaze GTS Pro has abundant practical applications and reminding functions, which facilitatesyour daily work and life.
Zeblaze GTS Pro Smart Notifications
Lucy: Let's go to the movies!
Kevin: Please reply to this event.

More Useful Smart Features

The Zeblaze GTS Pro can proficiently handle your agendas, notify you of incoming calls or messages, and provide movement reminders when you have been sitting for too long. The watch will also track your events, and offers Do Not Disturb, stopwatch, and weather forecast functions, as well as enabling the setting of alarms and timers.
Zeblaze GTS Pro Weather Forecast
Weather Forecast
Check the weather in the coming three days.
Zeblaze GTS Pro Music Control
Music Control
Remote control of music without taking out the phone.
Find Phone
Find your Phone!
Zeblaze GTS Pro Find Phone
Sedentary Reminders
Now get up and move!
Zeblaze GTS Pro Sedentary Reminders
Zeblaze GTS Pro Alarm Clock
Alarm Clock
Wake up your day!
Zeblaze GTS Pro Stopwatch
Everything needs to be accurate.


Zeblaze GTS Pro Watches on light bgZeblaze GTS Pro Black watch on mans handZeblaze GTS Pro Gold watch on womans handZeblaze GTS Pro Silver watchZeblaze GTS Pro Silver watch PhotoZeblaze GTS Pro Silver watch Womens hand


Zeblaze GTS Pro Gold Black Silver
Zeblaze GTS Pro Three Smartwatches
Zeblaze GTS Pro Black strap
Zeblaze GTS Pro Gold strap
Zeblaze GTS Pro Gold strap side view
Zeblaze GTS Pro Silver strap
Zeblaze GTS Pro Sensor light


Model Name
Zeblaze GTS Pro
Black, Gold, Silver
Bluetooth Version
Bluetooth 5.1
Android 4.4 or iOS 9.0 and above
APP Name
Technical Parameters
Heart-rate sensor, Proximity sensor, Accelerometer
2.5D Glass + 1.65" HD Color Touch Screen
Battery Capacity 200 mAh
Charging Time 1.5 Hours
Battery Life
15 days Battery Life (Power-saving Scenario)
7 days Battery Life (Typical Usage Scenario)
Working temperature
-20°С +45°С
Special Features
IP67 waterproof
24/7 Heart Rate Monitor
Blood Pressure Monitor
SpO2 Level Monitor
Fitness Tracker
Sleep Tracker
Call or Message Reminder
Alarm Clock
Music Control
Real-time Weather
Sedentary reminder
Multi-sport Modes
Appearance & Details
Main body size
Watch Strap
Strap Type
Silicone and skin-friendly TPU
Packages contents
Packages contents
1 x Zeblaze GTS Pro Smartwatch
1 x User Manual
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