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New Flagship
Premium Multisport GPS Smartwatch
Zeblaze Stratos GPS SmartwatchZeblaze Stratos GPS Smartwatch

Designed for any environment

1.32" HD Color Screen
Built-in Multiple
Carbon fiber
Reinforced Polymer Case
Metal bezel
Buttons and Buckle
Level Measurement
Score and Insights
3-Modes GPS
Heart rate
Up to 25 days
Battery Life
Watch Face

Tough from The Inside Out

The Zeblaze Stratos's shape is tough, solid with distinct angles, and brimming with strength. The strength-enhanced design of the body details and internal structure takes a sense of both strength and practicality into account, making it tough from the inside out and a partner you can rely on.
Zeblaze Stratos Bezel: Zinc Alloy
Durable yet Wearable
Bezel: Zinc Alloy
Case: Carbon fiber reinforced polymer
Button and Buckle: Stainless steel
Wristband: Silicone, 22mm, durable and comfortable.
*Compatible with standard 22 mm quick release watch bands.

Precision Sensor Fusion Technology

Integrated wrist heart rate monitor and multiple smart sensors, the watch can accurately track your trajectory, speed, distance and calories burnt. You'll find the one that's perfect for you in our wider portfolio of amazing sensors that suit all sports and exercise needs.
Built-in Multiple Sensors
Wrist Heart Rate Monitor
Pulse Ox Blood Oxygen Saturation Monitor
Barometric Altimeter
Zeblaze Stratos Built-in Multiple Sensors

1.52-inch High-resolution Color Display

The display has always been a crucial part of any smartwatch. That's why the Zeblaze Stratos features a 1.32-inch HD color display with a panoramic view of all important information, and the lively colors deliver a crystal-clear viewing experience.
Zeblaze Stratos 1.52-inch High-resolution Color Display
Color and Clarity
Size 1.32" (32.9 mm) diameter
HD Color Display, 360*360 pixels
Touch Screen

Optimized Efficiency

Faster and More Accurate Positioning
The Zeblaze Stratos uses a high-end GPS chip and a built-in exact 4-satellite positioning system. We have also optimized the watch body materials and internal layout. Signal efficiency has been significantly increased, making satellite search faster and positioning more accurate, meeting your positioning needs among both urban jungles and canyon wilderness.
High-precision GPS 4-Satellite Positioning

Water Resistant 50M

Escorts You Even Under Water
Thanks to professional waterproofing that offers protection up to a depth of 50 meters, the watch is on par with traditional high-end watches and can be worn worry-free for daily use or when swimming.
Zeblaze Stratos Water Resistant 50M

580mAh Powerful Battery

25 days Battery Life
A new circuit design especially developed for Zeblaze Stratos, an advanced low power-consumption chip, and a deep power optimization give the Zeblaze Stratos a longer battery life. It stays with the user over the long haul, allowing you to wear it without worry and never think about charging.
Fighting the Wilderness with You
Up to
25 days
Battery Saver Watch Mode
Up to
14 days
Smartwatch Mode
Up to
40 hours
Max battery GPS Mode
Zeblaze Stratos 580mAh Powerful Battery

Encompassing Care for Your Health

Abnormal Heart Rate Alerts
Daily Resting Heart Rate
Heart Rate Alerts Custom (BPM)
Heart Health

High-precision Heart Rate Tracking

Zeblaze Stratos is equipped with high-precision optical sensors and professional algorithms, so it supports full-day automatic heart-rate detection. And the daily heart rate zone can be a guiding metric for better exercise.
Zeblaze Stratos Heart Rate Zones
Heart Rate Zones
Zeblaze Stratos Heart Rate Tracking
24h Heart Rate
Zeblaze Stratos Full-day automatic heart-rate detection
Heart Health
Scientifically Divide 6 Heart Rate Zones
04 min
35-99 bpm
24 min
100-118 bpm
03 min
Fat burning
119-138 bpm
07 min
139-158 bpm
06 min
159-178 bpm
02 min
179-200 bpm
*It also supports heart-rate warning. The watch will vibrate when it detects a heart rate that exceeds the warning value.

Monitor Your Performance, Training, and Recovery

Heart rate
129 bpm
Just how effective is your current training plan?
Training status is a new performance monitoring tool that automatically evaluates your recent exercise history and performance indicators to know if you're training productively, peaking, or overreaching.
Zeblaze Stratos Training status 1Zeblaze Stratos Training status 2Zeblaze Stratos Training status 3Zeblaze Stratos Training status 4
120+ Goal-Based Exercises
Zeblaze Stratos lets you change things up with ease thanks to built-in activity profiles for running (indoor/outdoor), cycling (indoor/outdoor), swimming (pool/open water), cross-country skiing, paddle sports, trail running, hiking, strength training and many more.

Exercise to the Fullest and Track Your Every Move

Whether indoor fitness, run, swim, cycling or other sports... whatever you do,Zeblaze Stratos can track it. The statistics recorded during each activity let you analyze yourperformance and improve on it next time.
Indoor Fitness
Strength, Yoga, Stepper, Elliptical, Rowing Machine, Air Walker, and many more.
Active time: 00:56:37
Avg. HR: 118 bpm
Avg. Energy: 730 kcal
Total. Dist: 4.28 km
Active time: 00:30:54
Avg. Energy: 378 kcal
Avg. Pace: 0.17'13''/km
Avg. Speed: 8.31 km/h
Avg. Cadence: 166 spm
Active Steps: 5144 steps
Avg. HR: 118 bpm
Heart Rate Curve
Running & Walking
Outdoor running, Walking, Treadmill, Trail running, Race walking, Indoor walking.
Outdoor cycling, Indoor cycling, Mountain biking.
Total. Dist: 12.6 km
Active time: 00:48:54
Avg. Energy: 637 kcal
Avg. Pace: 04'06''/km
Avg. Speed: 16.2 km/h
Avg. Cadence: 142 spm
Avg. HR: 106 bpm
Heart Rate Curve
Active time: 00:30:54
Total Energy: 425 kcal
Total Strokes: 1162 times
Total Stroke Rate: 17 bpm
Open water swimming, Pool swimming.
Zeblaze Stratos SpO2 Level Measurement
SpO2 Level Measurement
Your Personal Health Guardian
When you engage in sustained mental labor or do intense physical outdoor exercise such as marathons, you can test your SpO2 level when you start feeling unwell. It can to better understand your physical condition and keep your health under control.
Maximum Oxygen Uptake
VO2max Fitness Analysis
Train smarter with VO2max, an indicator of how you can expect to perform. This metric even accounts for changes in performance that could be caused by heat or altitude.
Zeblaze Stratos VO2max Fitness Analysis
Zeblaze Stratos Breath Training
Breath Training
Help You Regulate Stress and Relax
Relax your body and calm down your mind with the help of a guided breathing exercise. See how you're breathing throughout the day, during sleep, and breathwork and yoga activities.
Deep Relax
Nervous Regulation
Replenishing Energy
Stress Detection
Calm Yourself When Feeling Overwhelmed
Stress is an underlying cause of many health problems, and so you can use the watch to check where your stress level lies - from relaxed, normal, medium, or high - anytime you feel pressured throughout the day, so you know when to relax and reduce it.
Zeblaze Stratos Stress Detection
Zeblaze Stratos Sleep Quality Monitoring
Sleep Quality Monitoring
Analyze Sleep Stages and Naps
A good night's sleep is a top priority in the modern world. Therefore, the watch supports in-depth sleep monitoring, which can more accurately determine the sleep stage (the light sleep, deep sleep, REM periods), monitor the sleep breathing condition, and provide quality analysis and suggestions for improvement based on a night.

24/7 Activity Tracking

Today's Data Backup
Track your activities by recording the movement of your wrist with the built-in 3D accelerometer. Combine your physical data to analyze exercise frequency, intensity, and regularity. So you can understand how active you are in your daily life outside of regular training.
24/7 Calorie Tracking
Know your accurate
energy consumption.
Steps Tracking
Understand the level
of activity in daily life.
Activity Time
Total healthy
exercise time.
Activity Goal
Achieve your goals
to help you stay healthy.
Zeblaze Stratos 24/7 Activity Tracking

Personalized Watch Faces

Support Custom Watch Face
The dial market provides a variety of creative and colorful watch faces that match your mood. You can also customize your one with your favorite photos from your mobile device.
Zeblaze Stratos Watch Faces

We're Making It Easy to Stay Connected

Your Ultimate Personal Assistant
The Zeblaze Stratos notifies you of any incoming text messages or calls, scheduled alarms, and events to prevent you from missing any important information.It can also easily control music playback on your mobile phone via Bluetooth so that you can enjoy your favorite playlists on the go.
Zeblaze Stratos Smart Notifications
Smart Notifications
Zeblaze Stratos Event Today
Event Today
Zeblaze Stratos Compass
Zeblaze Stratos Alarm Clock
Alarm Clock
Zeblaze Stratos Reminders To Move
Reminders To Move
Zeblaze Stratos Stopwatch and Countdown
Stopwatch and Countdown

Fitness at Your Fingertips

Wireless upload and share
On mobile, Zeroner is the tool for tracking, analyzing, and sharing health and fitness activities from your Zeblaze device.
Zeblaze Stratos APP Zeroner
iOS 9.0 or above and Android 6.0 or above.

Check All Your Efforts

Your day at a glance
Zeroner displays your vital health data and entries for easy viewing. Customize what you want to see in the order you wish to see it. You'll receive a more detailed analysis, as well. View your weekly, monthly, and yearly healthy averages, your favorite activity history, and more.
Zeblaze Stratos APP Zeroner displays

Product size

Zeblaze Stratos Size

In the box

1. Package
2. Zeblaze Stratos Multisport GPS Smartwatch
3. Charging Cable
4. User Manual
Zeblaze Stratos Package
Zeblaze Stratos Three GPS smartwatches
Zeblaze Stratos Black
Zeblaze Stratos Blue
Zeblaze Stratos Green
Zeblaze Stratos Precision Sensor
Zeblaze Stratos Metal bezel Buttons and Buckle
Zeblaze Stratos Charging Cable
Zeblaze Stratos Screens 1
Zeblaze Stratos Screens 2


Zeblaze Stratos PhotoZeblaze Stratos GPS Smartwatch


Product Type
GPS Smartwatch
Model Name
Zeblaze Stratos
Black, Blue, Green
Bluetooth Version
BLE 5.0
Smartphone Compatibility
Android 6.0 or iOS 9.0 and above
APP Name
Technical Parameters
HD Color Touch Display Screen
Size 1.32" (32.9 mm) diameter
360*360 pixels
Integrated GPS, GLONASS, GALILEO, BEIDOU. Assisted GPS for fast fix times. Barometric altitude, incline, ascent and descent.
Wrist heart rate monitor, pulse Ox blood oxygen saturation monitor, accelerometer, magnetometer, barometric altimeter, compass.
Battery Life
Battery Saver Watch Mode: Up to 25 days;
Smartwatch Mode: Up to 14 days;
Max Battery GPS Mode: Up to 40 hours.
Operating Temperature
From -20° to 50°C. Temperatures below -10°C may affect battery life and performance.
Special Features
Water Resistant
OTA Upgrade
Heart Rate Monitor
Blood Pressure Monitoring
SpO2 Level Measurement
Stress Detection
Breath Training
Activity Tracking
Calorie Tracking
Activity Goal
Sleep Quality Monitoring
Smart Notifications
Custom Watch Face
Event Today
Alarm Clock
Reminders To Move
Stopwatch and Countdown
Multi-sport Modes
Appearance & Details
Bezel Material
Zinc Alloy
Case Material
Carbon fiber reinforced polymer
Button and Buckle
Stainless steel
22mm Durable and comfortable silicone. Compatible with standard 22mm quick release watch bands.
60g with the wristband, 36g without the wristband
Packages contents
In the box
Zeblaze Stratos Multisport GPS Smartwatch
Charging Cable
User Manual
Zeblaze new smartwatches
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