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Zeblaze GTR 3

Go Beyond Stylish
1.32" Hi-Res Color Display
Make / Receive Calls
24H Health Management
70+ Built-in Sports Modes
240+ Watch Faces
Up to 15 days Battery Life
Zeblaze GTR 3 SmartwatchZeblaze GTR 3 Smartwatch
Zeblaze GTR 3 on a woman's hand
Sleek, Seamless & Iconic
1.32" Hi-Res Color Display
26.3g Super-light Body
Easy Health Management
On-Wrist Skin Temperature, Wrist-based Heart Rate, Sp02 & Stress Monitoring, Sleep Score and Insights on Women Health and more
70+ Built-in Sports Modes
Running & walking, Cycling, Outdoor workouts, Indoor sports, Dance, Combat sports, Ball sports, Winter sports, Leisure sports, and more
Stay Connected
Make / Receive Calls
Voice Assistant
240+ Watch Faces
Craft and wear your lifestyle on your wrist
Up to 15 days Battery Life
Water Resistant

Fashion Meets Function

Zeblaze GTR 3 features a simple design with a streamlined metal frame. It offers high-end looks and functionality for your workouts and day-to-day tasks.
Zeblaze GTR 3 green watchface

Sleek, Seamless, Iconic

With its slim, sleek watch body and soft, skin-friendly silicone strap, the Zeblaze GTR 3 is ready to help you think bigger about your style.
Zeblaze GTR 3 classic watchface

Enhanced Color and Clarity

Colorful, crisp, and crafted from elegant glass, the 1.32" display of the Zeblaze GTR 3 makes your data shine like never before.
IPS Color Display
Screen-to-body Ratio
Zeblaze GTR 3 yellow watchface

A New Day
A New Watch Face

Choose from 240+ watch faces with various themes, including technology, sports, machinery, and cartoons. Super watch faces and custom watch faces are also available, allowing you to select one that perfectly matches your taste and temperament.
Cloud watch face download
Upload your photos as the watch face
Several Zeblaze GTR 3 smartwatches

Stay connected to your world

Zeblaze GTR 3 on a male hand
Make / Receive Calls
A watch that keeps you truly connected. Step into a well-connected world with Zeblaze GTR 3 that enables you to manage your calls - take calls, dial from the recent call logs, access favorite contacts, and leave your phone in your pocket.
Zeblaze GTR 3 Make / Receive Calls screen
Voice Assistant
Zeblaze GTR 3 has a built-in voice assistant to easily control your phone and make your watch more than just a watch.

A watch that's watching out for you

Sportswoman wears Zeblaze GTR 3
Optimized OHR Fusion Technology
We took the algorithm that omits motion from the equation and made it better, 3 light detectors to pick up the light returning through your vessels - it's more than accurate. This is precision.
Zeblaze GTR 3 sensor
24-hour Monitoring of:
Wrist-based Heart Rate
On-Wrist Skin Temperature
SpO2 & Stress Monitoring

Sleep Quality Monitoring

The Zeblaze GTR 3 accurately monitors your sleep status, including deep sleep, light sleep, REM, and awake time, and interprets the characteristics to provide you with a sleep quality score and insights for improvement.
Zeblaze GTR 3 next to smartphone
Breathing Exercise
Relieve physical and mental stress quickly by following the rhythms displayed and doing breathing exercises for 1-5 minutes.
Zeblaze GTR 3 Breathing Exercise screen
Menstrual Cycle Tracking
Use the Zeblaze GTR 3 to record your current menstrual period, and it will provide predictions and reminders for upcoming menstrual fit fertile periods to help you plan.

Make the most of every workout

Sportsman image

70+ Built-in Sports Modes

Walking, running, cycling, yoga, and more. Whichever activity makes you challenge yourself, you'll likely find a sports mode for it on the Zeblaze GTR 3.


Zeblaze GTR 3 is based on IP68 waterproof rating standards, which can effectively prevent sweat or raindrops from splashing, meeting daily waterproof needs, and making you more at ease.
Zeblaze GTR 3 with water drops

Hugely Powerful
No More Battery Anxiety

Got a trip coming up? Unplug yourself for up to 15 days. The watch packs a powerful battery into its super slim and light body so that you can pack something more fun than a charger into your case.
15 days
Typical Usage
7 days
Heavy Usage
280 mins
Continuous Voice Calling
1.5 hours
Charging Time
Zeblaze GTR 3 on a green background

Commanding Control of the Everyday

Make daily life a breeze with a wide selection of helpful features, including sedentary reminders to help you keep active throughout the day.
Zeblaze GTR 3 main screen
Zeblaze GTR 3 comparison
Zeblaze GTR 3 black side view
Zeblaze GTR 3 silver side view
Zeblaze GTR 3 black front view
Zeblaze GTR 3 silver front view


Main Parameters
Product Name
Health & Fitness Smartwatch
Model Name
Zeblaze GTR 3
Charcoal Black, Silver Grey
Bluetooth version: BLE 5.0
Smartphone Compatibility
Android 5.0 or iOS 9.0 and above
Technical Parameters
Display type: IPS
Display size: 1.32 inch
Display resolution: 360*360 pixels
Touchscreen: YES
Battery capacity: 240 mAh
Battery type: Li-Pol
Typical usage modes, up to: 15 days
Heavy usage modes, up to: 7 days
Continuous Voice Calling: 280 mins
Charging time: 1.5 Hours
On-Wrist Skin Temperature Sensor, Wrist Heart Rate Monitor, Pulse Ox Blood Oxygen Saturation Monitor, Proximity
Operation temperature min: -20°C
Operation temperature max: 45°C
Water resistance: IP68
Appearance & Details
Width: 44.5 mm
Height: 44.5 mm
Thickness: 12 mm
Total weight: 43.9 g
Weight without wristband: 26.3 g
Case material: Plastic bottom case+Zinc alloy bezel
Button material: Zinc alloy
Buckle material: Stainless steel
Material: Durable and comfortable silicone strap
Width: 20 mm
Compatible with standard 20 mm quick release watch bands
Wrist Circumference: 145-200 mm
In the Box
In the Box
Smartwatch (including standard strap)
Charging Cable
Instruction manual
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